Get That Knee Straight!

🔥Get the knee STRAIGHT

💥 These are some exercises to advance to when working on straightening/extension of the knee. As stated in previous posts, you should not feel your hamstrings working to help you! Make sure these are isolated to the quad!

👉🏼 These are good exercises for people that have had knee surgery or that are dealing with general knee pain! FULL knee extension is CRUCIAL to get back, especially post surgically. Stretching the hamstrings and calf will not cut it— you knee to retrain the quads how to activate in this end range extension motion. If you just stretch, you will be fighting an uphill battle!

💣 I know I preach this a lot, but no exercise is too small to be coached well. FORM IS 🔑. An exercise can be performed several different ways to achieve several different outcomes!! Get a healthcare provider that spends the time teaching you!



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