🔥Copenhagen Plank

💥 The adductors (or inner thigh muscles) are a group of muscles that are primarily responsible for moving the leg inward. This group of muscles tend to get overlooked when rehabbing or just with general workouts/training. It’s important to work all quadrants of the lower extremity, especially post hip or knee surgery. This exercise can also be very beneficial for reducing groin related injuries— see below.

💣 Numerous studies have been performed that show a correlation between adductor strength and groin related injuries— especially in soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and rugby athletes. In these studies, the exercise was performed in reps of 20-30sec holds and 2-3 sets, 2-3x/week. In a study by Haroy (2018)— they found a 41% reduction in the prevalence and risk of groin problems in male soccer players after performing an 8 week program of these exercises.



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